I absolutely love tv shows, They are just the best thing to marathon, relax or distract yourself with. In my short life I have completed  a very scary amount of tv shows (something like 14... oops).  In fact I'd like to make my own tv show one day but for now all I can do is recommend my top mystery tv shows of all time. Enjoy!

sidenote: these are not in any particular order

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Sherlock has the best mixture of comedy and intrigue. It also helps that it has an amazing cast. It's genuinely funny, full of suspense and has one of the best bromances. As a modern day adaptation of Sherlock Holmes the show could easily fail but it's definitely the opposite. Read some IMDB reviews if you need some convincing but beware of spoilers. 

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Pushing Daisies is quirky, cute and funny baked into one delicious pie! The show only had two seasons but how short and sweet it was just adds to its likability. The show is a little unusual with it being a fantasy crime show but that just make it more interesting. The main character, Ned, is a pie maker but has the power to bring dead people back to life. He solves crimes alongside a PI who knits in stressful situations and his long-lost childhood sweetheart who he meets again in the strangest way. 
(You'll just have to watch to find out how!)

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I love Psych. 

Psych follows this hilarious detective duo that work alongside the Santa Barbara Police department solving crimes. Sounds simple enough, but they're no ordinary detectives. Shawn (the one on the left of the picture) pretends to have psychic powers which he "uses" to solve crime and Gus (the one on the right) is Shawn's childhood best friend and business partner who often finds himself in the most unfortunate situations thanks to Shawn. The premise is interesting enough but the thing that makes this show is that it is just so damn silly! And just in case anyone's on the fence about watching it there's also a strange obsession with pineapples. 

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My professional advice as a teenager is: WATCH MONK

Monk is comedy genius. It's got sarcasm, wit, irony and it's smart!  Adrian Monk, played by the brilliant Tony Shalhoub, is a private detective with severe OCD. He solves interesting cases but things often become very awkward when his phobias arise. By day he solves other people's crimes but by night he tries to piece together his only unsolved case, one that killed his wife. Not only is Monk a funny show but it's also a heartwarming one. Watch it, you'll thank me later.

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How To Get Away With Murder, often shortened to HTGAWM, is just downright crazy. The things that happen in that show are frustrating and the characters will probably all annoy you at some point but it's all in a good way. Top law students + accidentally committing a crime = gooood. Also that show has some seriously nice faced people *cough* jack falahee *cough*

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Veronica Mars is the series that refuses to die and am I glad of that!

Veronica Mars is a teenage girl living in Neptune, California with the unusual hobby of solving crimes. Uncommonly, Veronica Mars is like a film noir about high school and of course crime. The show has one the most loyal fan bases who promptly after the cancellation of the show (i don't understand why it was cancelled in the first place!) fundraised money through a kick starter for the production of a film to resolve the show. The movie came out in 2014 and it fulfilled every fans dreams with the entire original cast in it. How often does that happen?! And to make it even better there is a book series that continues on from the movie. It just doesn't end and I have to say I am loving it!

Soooo... that was my first ever post. I hope this list helped you find something new to watch and get addicted to. What are your favourite mystery tv shows (or even movies)?

Nitara xx

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  1. Me and my sister have been really into watching mystery shows/films so definitely checking these out! xx

    1. I'm so excited that someone actually read this!
      I hope you guys enjoy watching these xx


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