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Hi there friends!

I am constantly trying to find ways to improve myself and my life as I'm sure a lot of people are. One of the biggest factors in my life is school. I've had my fair share of school related stress and anxiety which I'm still trying to get in order but through my search to leading a minimal stress student life I've come across these little gems that could help you too. :)



This app is really helpful with destressing and just relaxing yourself. I don't have much to say other than I like it and I really like the adorable little graphics. You should try it out  because I didn't think I would like trying to meditate but I surprisingly did. Originally I thought "pffft sounds like some hippie nonsense" but it's not nonsense and it's incredibly calming. The bad thing is it costs after the first ten sessions so there are other alternative apps you can use for free but I thought I would mention this one in particular because of the cute visuals.



Out of all the things I recommend in this post, this is the one to pay the most attention to. I read this book recently and it literally addressed all my school related problems and how to tackle them. It looks at how to make the most of your textbooks, how to take effective notes, how to stop procrastinating (!!) and heaps more. It's a free pdf if you go to Thomas Frank's website, College Info Geek, and just sign up to his emails. 



This is both an app and a chrome extension. You may have come across many apps and websites that blacklist websites you've selected but I like this one mainly because of the nice graphics which for some reason help me stay on task. Unlike others with this one, in the app version of it, every time you successfully use it you grow a tree and over time you grow a forest. The app is free on the Google Play store but unfortunately it costs on the App Store. The chrome extension isn't as good but it's free.
 Like the meditation app there are other similar ones that you might prefer but this one caught my eye.


Just turn off all your notifications! It's one of the best decisions I've made because now I only go on my phone when I really want to rather than just as a reflex to hearing it make a sound. This helps with not just with studying but life in general.


THE HOMEWORK APP - your class assignment and timetable schedule planner

It's name says it all. It's great for organising your assignments, homework and keeping track of your timetable.


Khan Academy
Crash Course (well it's a youtube channel)

Go on Britannica for when you're researching. It's really helpful and actually reliable. There has been so much homework I've completed quickly by going on it. Go encyclopedias!

Use Khan Academy to help properly learn ideas and practise them in a range of subjects for free. It comes in app form too.

Crash Course run by John and Hank Green aka. vlogbrothers is a channel on youtube that gives overviews on a whole heap of topics. It's great to quickly learn a topic.


This will definitely not be for everyone but I thought I'd mention it anyway because for me it really helps. If your phone or whatever device you have dies, let it be dead. There was a period of time when my phone was broken for about a week and everything felt so refreshing without paying attention to a screen every half hour. I didn't care about anyone else, online that is, and I could focus on what I wanted or needed to do. Since then my phone magically healed itself but I sometimes feel like just throwing it outside a window to just be done with it but letting your phone die and only charging when you really allow yourself too makes a huge difference, and it's a little less permanent than the other option.


Use Wikipedia. This is not what people are typically told but the little references down the bottom of wikipedia pages have some really great and reliable sites.


Use two different web browsers. One for everyday life and one exclusively when you're studying. The one you use everyday will have all the fun stuff, random things you've bookmarked and all other distracting things. The other one will have nothing but study related things. Doing this simple thing really can help motivate you and stop you from procrastinating or getting distracted.

If any of these suggestions helped  you in any way I would seriously love to know! And if anyone has any advice for my blog it would help a lot!

Nitara xx

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